Hit the Ground running

Nowadays, we are enjoying as teachers summer vocation. Actually, in Summer vocation most teachers change their daily routine. So they sleep late and wake up also late.

In Saudi Arabia, summer vocation has three parts .The first one is for wedding celebration occasions. Each tribe dating their weddings occasions in this part .So you find us busy all nights. Because of that we have full schedule.

The Second part is for the (Holy month) Ramadan .People usually staying up almost all night-time until the brightness of the morning .Then they start sleeping in the morning .This routine is for most teachers and students.

The Third Part is for (Eidul Al-Fiter) .This is very interesting part in summer vocation .Because each family start visiting it’s relatives .We as Saudi introduce candy to our visitors in (Eidul Al-Fiter).

As you see teachers’ daily routine is completely different in Summer vocation . So when they start school. They start with no mood to teach .Actually ,they start school with lazy body .and students as well.

How can teachers and students  hit the Ground running .

This question needs answer . any answer will be received gratefully

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3 Responses to Hit the Ground running

  1. omair alwadie says:

    To answer this qustion we have to look at the socity around us .

    We can’t live alone even when you put your self in a daily strong system .You will be faced with people around you

    iwill write agian i have to leave now

    Eid mubarak to all


  2. Abdulrahman AL-dail says:

    hi everybody
    Mr. Saeed i think you forget one important part which is ” Travelling ” especially some teachers do not bothering them self with public occasions

  3. omair alwadie says:

    Salaam alikum

    Every one should ask himself and search inside him why I’m being so lazy

    Why I start my job with no mood

    You and I will find the answers

    So many reasons will appear but the most important thing is who many of these reason you will solve? how will you adapt your mood to start in good mood ?

    Live your life don’t think about all things in the same time many thing will be solved automatically according to circumstances

    omair alwadie

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